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Is intense sunlight fading your furniture? Gain control and comfort with the right window treatment solutions from Made in the Shade Annapolis. Our partnership with top manufacturers and expert installers ensures you receive high-quality, expertly installed window coverings. Experience peace of mind and confidence while protecting your home’s interiors from harmful UV rays.

Window treatments transform spaces, protecting furnishings from sun damage while enhancing aesthetics. With diverse styles available, you’ll find the perfect option to complement any room—from modern sanctuaries to bringing the outdoors in. Beyond aesthetics, they improve energy efficiency by increasing insulation and reducing heating and cooling costs. Elevate your home’s look, feel, and smart functionality with the right window coverings.

The Perfect Element to Complete Your Home’s Look

Made in the Shade offers the following window treatments in Annapolis and the surrounding areas:
Soft treatments like linen curtains and drapes offer superior light control, allowing you to manage natural illumination. They transform a room’s ambiance, adding the perfect finishing touch through pops of color and texture.
Motorized blinds, shades, and drapes offer unparalleled convenience. They allow you to control your window treatments effortlessly from the comfort of your couch. Embrace the luxury of adjusting light and privacy with a simple touch, elevating your home’s functionality and ambiance.
The beautiful iron grills add a classic, colonial look to your home and a touch of extra security. They’re eco-friendly, and you can customize their appearance.
Accent rugs from Made in the Shade Annapolis seamlessly tie together your room’s design elements. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they offer practical benefits like insulation for hardwood floors, keeping your feet cozy during chilly winters. Elevate your space with these versatile and functional accents.

Window treatments offer versatile design opportunities to enhance your living spaces. Soft treatments like drapes or curtains can frame windows, complement existing blinds or shutters, and introduce pops of color to neutral or earthy palettes without overwhelming the space. With an expert design team, you can effortlessly elevate your rooms’ aesthetics through thoughtful touches like faux iron grills, accent rugs, and soft treatments.

At Made in the Shade, our skilled designers take the stress out of creating cohesive, visually appealing interiors. We’ll guide you through selecting the highest quality elements that flawlessly harmonize, transforming your living room, kitchen, bedroom, and beyond into a personalized oasis. Leave the design decisions to us and embrace the perfect blend of style and functionality.

Don’t you want the best window treatment solutions near you? Reach out to Made in the Shade for the highest quality products and competitive prices in Annapolis and the surrounding areas. Schedule a free in-home consultation today or call (410) 212-9224.