Solar Shades in Annapolis, MD


Custom Solar Shades for Windows

Are you sick of sunlight causing a glare on your TV and making it difficult to see? You could benefit from solar shades for windows, the equivalent of a cool pair of sunglasses for your windows. It’s a streamlined look and fits with any decor while keeping the room cooler and UV-protected.

Solar Shade Features

How do modern solar shades enhance your home or business premises? They offer the following features and benefits:

  • Because they keep heat out of your home, solar shades optimize energy efficiency (which will reduce your utility bills).
  • Solar shades minimize the glare on your TV and monitors so you don’t develop eye strain.
  • We can construct shades from a wide variety of premium fabrics and beautiful textures.
  • During the day, you can see through shades even when they’re fully deployed, preserving your view of the beautiful scenery.
  • Commercial buildings often benefit hugely from solar shades, but so do homes.
  • Motorized solar shades are more convenient with control in a single button.

Customizable Options for Solar Shades

At Made in the Shade, our professionals can customize your solar shades in the following ways:

  • Lift: How do you want to raise your shades? The popular options cover motorized, cordless touch, or a looped cord.
  • Style: You can find a wide range of styles for solar shades and colors ranging from black to yellow or off-white.
  • Accents: Increased style is easy with accents to your shades, like valances or draperies.

Are you searching for solar shades near you? If you need peace of mind about the team installing your window treatments, contact Made in the Shade Annapolis. We’re passionate about transforming your windows into statements of style that provide privacy and superior light control.

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Solar Shades FAQ

Here are the most common questions about Made in the Shade’s solar shades.
Yes, solar shades work well in blocking out UV light and heat. On their own, they aren’t the best option for privacy.
Yes, some people might see through your solar shades at night if you have lights on. Pair them with drapes for added privacy.
Your solar shades should last up to 10 years with proper maintenance and regular cleaning. Motorized solar shades can last longer.