Vertical Blinds in Annapolis, MD


Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors and Large Windows

You can expect many features and benefits with vertical blinds in Annapolis, MD, such as:

  • Simple light control by tilting or shifting slats
  • Outstanding privacy and security with fully closed
  • Custom sizing
  • Wide variety of materials like woven wood, vinyl, and fabric
  • Little-to-no dust accumulation
  • Options from brands like Hunter Douglas


  • Tilting or traversing allows control over amount of light in a room
  • Provide optimum privacy and security when closed
  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean: vanes hang vertically, eliminating settling dust, so they remain virtually dust-free
  • Unique design options are available and can be installed within the same boundaries as drapes (floor to ceiling, wall to wall, etc.)
  • Stack tightly when closed, taking up much less space than draperies
  • Wide variety of materials from which to choose (Vinyl, fabric, wood, and woven wood material)

Customizable Options for Vertical Blinds

  • Explore various styles, colors, and materials to personalize your vertical blinds in Annapolis according to your preferences.
  • Select from options such as a one-way draw, allowing you to stack the blinds to the left or right, or a split stack draw for opening the blinds from the center like drapery.
  • Add a wood cornice or decorative valance to enhance the look of your vertical window treatment, providing additional dimension and beauty to your space.

Made in the Shade of Annapolis is a top provider of stylish vertical blinds in Maryland and its neighboring communities. We provide complimentary in-home consultations, top-quality products backed by limited lifetime warranties, and competitive pricing for professional installations. Don’t waste time looking for custom vertical blinds near you—call (410) 212-9224 for an appointment with our design consultants.

Vertical Blinds FAQs

For vertical blinds in Annapolis consider materials like PVC or vinyl, which are highly durable and affordable. Fabric vertical blinds are great choices for elegant window coverings with texture. Wood blinds are the most luxurious option, but faux wood vertical blinds are more affordable and lightweight.

Vertical blinds typically last for 15 to 20 years, depending on materials, maintenance, and installation. Operating the blinds gently to avoid undue stress on the slats can help prolong their lifespan.