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Natural Shades For Windows

Whether you want to add a rich, warm texture to a living space or an element of tropical luxury to a bedroom, the natural beauty of woven wood shades is hard to go wrong with. Explore a wide selection of window coverings made from fine wood, bamboo, and other natural materials at Made in the Shade, Annapolis’ first choice for blinds and shades.


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Natural Shades Key Features:

Woven wood shades offer a unique blend of natural beauty, versatility, and practicality, making them a standout choice for window treatments. Here are some of their distinctive features:

  • Natural materials: Crafted from sustainable materials like rattan, jute, reed, wood, and bamboo.
  • Light diffusion: Optional liners can be added to diffuse and soften natural light, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance.
  • Privacy and view control: Top-down operation allows you to maintain privacy while enjoying natural views.
  • Motorized options: Motorized controls can be conveniently integrated into woven wood shades.
  • Durability and low maintenance: Made from natural, long-lasting materials, these shades require minimal maintenance.
  • Versatile style: Weaved wood shades, available in a wide range of materials, weaves, and colors, can seamlessly complement various interior design styles.

Their unique features make them an exceptional choice for adding warmth, texture, and sophistication to any Annapolis home.

Customizable Options For Natural Shades

When you choose Made in the Shade for woven wood shades in Annapolis, Maryland, you’ll work with an experienced professional designer who can help you customize the window coverings to your specifications. Let us show you how to customize your shades with features such as:

  • Material options: Rattan, jute, reed, wood, bamboo, and more
  • Lining Options: Add liners for light control, privacy, or insulation
  • Control systems: Cordless, continuous cord loop, motorized, or manual operation
  • Lifting options: Top-down/bottom-up, continuous cord loop, or standard cord lock
  • Valance styles: Fabric valances, wood valances, or no valance
  • Home automation integration: Smart home systems for voice control or scheduling

Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, and let us bring you the Made in the Shade quality service. Our talented designer will help you explore different styles of woven wood blinds to find the perfect complement to your decor and taste. Call (410) 212-9224 or book online to start your home makeover.

Roman Shade Pattern Kitchen

Find Natural Woven Wood Shades to Inspire You.

Natural Woven Shades infuse any space with organic beauty and warmth, artfully crafted from renewable materials like bamboo, reeds, and grasses. These eco-friendly shades offer a unique texture and natural light filtration, adding an element of serene elegance to your home décor while promoting environmental sustainability.

Frequently Asked Questions on Natural Shades

Can I use woven wood shades in the bathroom?
While wood isn’t the best choice for bathroom window coverings because the moisture can cause warping, natural materials like bamboo and jute are ideal in humid spaces. They resist water damage, mold, and mildew and are easy to clean and disinfect.

Woven wood shades work like sheer or screen shades to filter light and block some heat from entering through the windows. Select shades with a blackout or privacy liner for maximum energy efficiency, which can stop the light, heat, and damage-causing UV rays.

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