Roller Shades in Annapolis, MD

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Custom Roller Shades for Windows

When your Annapolis home interior needs gorgeous yet practical window coverings, look no further than roller shades. These shades combine beautiful form and seamless function, providing a tailored, finished look that enhances your view. Choose from a diverse range of colors, textures, and fabrics, and customize with optional sleek cassettes and decorative trims to effortlessly complement any decor.

For custom roller shades in Annapolis, turn to Made in the Shade, your premier destination for quality window treatments. Affordable, easy to care for, and available in panel track configurations for sliding doors and wide windows, our roller shades offer the perfect blend of style and practicality for your home.

Roller Shade Features

When you think about roller shades for windows, you might immediately think of those low-quality vinyl shades that tend to crack, discolor, and malfunction. However, when you work with Made in the Shade, you can toss those impressions out the proverbial window—our supreme custom roller shades are anything but basic!

  • Stylish materials available in various colors, patterns, and textures
  • Enhance the look of any room while controlling light, maximizing privacy, and being energy-efficient.
  • Sleek, tailored appearance complements any decor style
  • Practical solution for any window-dressing challenge
  • Easy to clean, maintaining their pristine appearance

Customizable Options for Roller Shades

Roller shades appear simple, but they’re fully customizable to your design preferences and functional needs in Annapolis, Maryland. For example, consider these exciting options for the perfect shades:

  • Motorized controls
  • Varying opacities, from sheer to room-darkening
  • Child safety control systems
  • Decorative hem styles and trims
  • Roller shades can be made from various materials, including polyester, vinyl, natural fibers like bamboo or grass cloth, and solar screen fabrics for UV protection.
  • Matching cassettes to hide the shade when open
  • Double-sided shades to block heat and light
Don’t settle for lackluster window shades from a big-box store that doesn’t add the style your interior deserves. When you’re looking for roller shades near you, contact Annapolis-based experts Made in the Shade for an experienced designer and window coverings tailored to your style. Book an appointment online or call (410) 212-9224 for the perfect roller shades in Annapolis, Maryland!

Roller Shades FAQ

These are common questions we hear about roller shades in Annapolis.
Roller shades are easy to clean and maintain. Regular dusting or vacuuming with a brush attachment is usually sufficient. They can be gently wiped with a damp cloth or sponge for deeper cleaning.

Roller shades can be used in any room, but they are best in living areas and bedrooms. If you use shades in rooms with a lot of moisture, like bathrooms, select a water-resistant material like vinyl or PVC-coated fabric. Uncoated fabrics can quickly develop mold or mildew in Annapolis’ climate.