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Faux Wood Blinds in Annapolis, MD


Custom Faux Wood Blinds For Windows

If you love the stylish, luxurious look of wood blinds but don’t like the price, why not install faux wood blinds in your home in Annapolis, Maryland? These blinds have the same visual appeal as natural wood but are lighter-weight, moisture-resistant, and highly durable, with great resistance against peeling, chipping, and warping.

These gorgeous blinds come in numerous stains, colors, and wood grain finishes, making them the ideal complement to any interior design. Despite the many style choices and durability of these manmade materials, faux wood blinds in Annapolis are affordable.

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Faux Wood Blinds Key Features:

Ready to learn more about faux wood window blinds? Here are the top features of these attractive window coverings:

  • Realistic wood grains and coloring
  • Durable vinyl and PVC materials with excellent insulation
  • Suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and other humid areas
  • Resistance to warping, chipping, cracking, and splitting
  • Excellent light and privacy control
  • Great choice for larger windows due to sizing customizations

Customizable Options For Wood Blinds

  • Valances and cornices add depth and warmth to faux wood blinds, enhancing their beauty as window treatments.
  • Get creative with a custom window treatment by pairing blinds with an upgraded valance and matching cloth tape binding.
  • Opt for a cordless lift style for added luxury and convenience. This style allows easy maneuvering of blinds without tangled cords.
  • Consider a remote-controlled, motorized lift system that can be seamlessly integrated into home automation systems and elevate the functionality of your faux wood blinds.
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Find Faux Wood Blinds to Inspire You.

This unique blend of style and durability makes faux wood blinds a versatile choice for any room, offering the warm, inviting appearance of wood without the worry of damage from heat or humidity. They are an ideal solution for spaces that experience high moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms, while adding a touch of sophistication to living areas and bedrooms.

Wood Blinds FAQ

Are cordless faux wood blinds safe?
Cordless faux wood blinds are incredibly safe to install in households in and around Annapolis, especially those with children and pets. Since these blinds don’t need cords to work, there’s no risk of children and animals getting hurt from blind cords.
Proper maintenance and upkeep allow your faux wood blinds to last seven to eight years. This is compared to low-quality blinds, which usually have a shorter lifespan of around two to five years.

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