Homeowners in historic Annapolis have several options for window treatments to match the elegant architectural styles in the area. Two popular choices are plantation shutters and traditional shutters. Both add beauty, functionality, and style to a home. But which is the better option for your Annapolis residence? This guide compares plantation shutters to traditional shutters to help you determine the best ones for your home.

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Key Differences Between Plantation Shutters and Traditional Shutters

There are a few key differences between plantation shutters and traditional shutters that impact their aesthetics, functionality, and cost.

Plantation Shutters:

  • Made of wood, faux wood, or vinyl
  • Feature horizontal louvers that tilt to control light and privacy
  • Offer a clean, streamlined look for contemporary to classic home styles
  • Custom-sized to perfectly fit windows
  • Higher upfront cost but very durable

Traditional Shutters:

  • Constructed of wood, metal, or vinyl
  • Hinged panels that open and close to cover the window fully
  • Match traditional home styles like Colonial and Victorian
  • Come in standard sizes or can be custom-fit
  • Lower upfront cost but less durable than plantation shutters
Now, let’s dive deeper into how these two shutter varieties compare for Annapolis homes specifically.

Aesthetic Appeal: Designing for Annapolis Architecture

Annapolis’s historic coastal towns and villages boast beautiful 18th- and 19th-century architecture in Colonial, Georgian, Federal, and Victorian styles. When designing window treatments for Annapolis homes, homeowners should consider treatments that accent the home’s architectural details.

Plantation shutters offer understated elegance that pairs well with contemporary and traditional Annapolis architecture. Their clean lines and narrow louvers have a timeless appeal. They accent windows without competing with other ornate architectural elements.

Traditional shutters complement and accentuate the vintage character of historic homes in Annapolis. Their prominent paneled or louvered design calls attention to windows as architectural focal points. Colonial or Victorian-style shutters look right at home on period Annapolis houses.

Functionality: Privacy, Light Control, and Beyond

Annapolis homeowners also need shutters that provide privacy and light control while offering additional functionality for living and entertaining.

Plantation shutters give homeowners total control over privacy and light. Adjustable louvers can block street or neighbor views when fully closed or allow abundant natural light in when open. Plantation shutters also provide insulation to reduce energy costs.

When fully closed over windows, traditional shutters provide complete privacy and blackout conditions. Though they don’t enable adjustable light control, you can replace a panel with a fixed louvered panel. Traditional shutters can also boost energy efficiency when closed.

Durability: Built to Withstand the Elements

Annapolis experiences all four seasons, from hot, humid summers to windy, rainy springs and falls to cold, snowy winters. Understand that Annapolis weather calls for durable window treatments.

Both plantation and traditional shutters are available in durable materials like wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Plantation shutters may have a slight edge regarding durability thanks to their sturdy louver and frame construction. Faux wood vinyl plantation shutters offer exceptional durability and require less maintenance than real wood.

Traditional shutters are prone to more rain, wind, and weather exposure, which could impact their longevity. Choosing vinyl or aluminum traditional shutters improves durability. Make sure shutters are properly installed and maintained.

Customization: Achieving the Perfect Fit

Proper window measurements and customization ensure shutters fit correctly for ideal aesthetics and performance.

Plantation shutters are always made-to-order for a perfect custom fit for each window. This achieves optimal light control and privacy.

Though traditional shutters come in standard sizes, they can also be customized to an exact window dimension for a flawless look and functionality.

Both custom plantation shutters and traditional shutters are great choices for uniquely shaped windows frequently found in Annapolis homes.

Cost Comparison: Initial Investment and Long-Term Value

Homeowners want beautiful window shutters that enhance home style and functionality and provide lasting value.

Plantation shutters have a higher upfront cost, averaging $35 to $45 per square foot installed. However, their durability means they last for decades with proper care. So, you get long-term value for the initial investment.

Traditionally, shutters have a lower upfront cost, averaging $25 to $35 per square foot. While not built to last as long as plantation shutters, you can repaint or replace panels over time to extend their lifespan. The ability to buy standard sizes reduces customization costs.

For maximum long-term value, plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment. But if budget is a concern, traditional shutters also provide an affordable option.

Key Takeaways: Which Type of Shutter is Best for Your Annapolis Home?

Here are some quick key takeaways when weighing plantation shutters vs. traditional shutters for your Annapolis home:

  • Plantation shutters offer versatile styling for contemporary to traditional designs with adjustable light control and privacy.
  • Traditional shutters accentuate period architectural details like Colonial or Victorian homes while providing complete light blockage when closed.
  • Both shutter styles can be customized to fit Annapolis windows perfectly. Plantation shutters provide superior durability and weather resistance.
  • Plantation shutters come with a higher upfront cost but deliver lasting value. Traditional shutters are more budget-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shutters for Annapolis Homes

Having the color of your shutters coordinate with your home’s trim or exterior paint colors is recommended. This creates a cohesive, elegant look. White or cream shutters pair beautifully with homes sporting white trim.

For plantation shutters, opt for a neutral tone that doesn’t clash with your interior colors. Having shutters that work with your home’s exterior and interior color palettes keeps your windows looking fabulous.

The narrower the louvers, the more they enhance privacy and light control. Small louvers like 2.5 inches better suit historic Annapolis home styles. Avoid wide louvers, as they appear too heavy.

For the main living areas, narrow 2.5-inch louvers work well. You can opt for slightly wider louvers of 3-3.5 inches in bedrooms or baths. Also, consider selecting different louver sizes for different rooms or floors of the home.

Plantation shutters: Dust regularly with a soft cloth or vacuum attachment. Occasionally wipe down with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Don’t use abrasive cleaners.

Traditional shutters: Clean with mild soap and water using a soft cloth or brush. Use vinyl cleaner/polish to help remove residue and restore luster for vinyl shutters.

Opt for the Perfect Shutters for Your Annapolis Home

If you want to enhance your Annapolis home’s architecture and functionality with quality shutters, both plantation shutters and traditional shutters offer attractive options. Assess your budget, design aesthetic, and privacy and light control needs.

We recommend getting quotes for both shutter varieties so you can make an informed, cost-conscious decision. Remember long-term durability and value when weighing the upfront cost of plantation shutters versus more budget-friendly traditional shutters.

Consult with our shutter experts at Made in the Shade Annapolis to determine which style best suits your home’s unique architecture and style. Contact us today to get started designing your ideal window treatments. Call (410) 212-9224 to schedule your free consultation and quote. Transform your home with shutters that maximize aesthetics, functionality, and long-lasting quality.